Rise in Esophageal Cancer

The past two decades the rise in esophageal cancer is seen in certain types of cancers like esophageal cancer and some types of cancer rates have fallen down considerably. Many scientists and researchers are puzzled due to the rise in esophageal cancer and the risk factors or causes. But some risk factors or causes are identified to influence the rise in esophageal cancer. By understanding them and by altering certain simple habits it has been found that the risk of getting esophageal cancer is lowered.

Two main types of disease namely adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are said to be increasing. Only their locations differ but they act in a very similar fashion. Within these types of disease itself, squamous cell carcinoma’s incidence has decreased but adenocarcinoma’s incidence has become more.

Some of the risk factors which has attributed to the rise in disease are age above sixty years, men are more susceptible, profuse use of alcohol, tobacco, hereditary neck or head cancer, barrett’s esophagus, obesity and frequent consumption of beverages in a hot form. Among these risk factors alcohol or tobacco use is found to be the major cause for squamous cell carcinoma and barrett’s esophagus and smoking for adenocarcinoma.

Barrett’s esophagus is considered as a very serious condition than acid reflux or heart burns as the lower region of the esophageal cells are altered due to acid irritation and when this happens for a longer period it results in barrett’s esophagus. Nearly one in two hundred have the chances of getting adenocarcinoma because of this condition every year. It is both elusive and common. Physician alone can be able to diagnose this condition after performing upper endoscopy procedure. Even though it is a safe procedure it needs sedation, pose certain risks and is expensive.

The rise in disease has lead to the detailed study of disease symptoms like hoarseness of the voice, weight loss both unintentional and unexpected, indigestion or heartburn happening often, coughing, pain felt at the back of the breast bone, pain or difficulty to swallow foods and so on.

Most patients suffering from esophageal cancer would be asked to undergo esophagectomy, a major surgery that needs opening of the abdomen or chest and the further treatment option depends largely on the findings as a result of surgery. Hence, most of the hospitals and esophageal cancer centers make use of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery for treating the sufferers. The above treatment methods aim at killing cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading further in the esophagus and to the remaining body parts.

Natural Remedies:

There are certain natural remedies that offer a promising cure for esophageal cancer. Along with the natural remedies and a well-researched different diet pattern, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your efforts for prolonging the life for several years.

Rising Healthcare Costs in the UAE

The UAE has seen tremendous development in recent years, with the largely oil driven economies of the region doing better than many in weathering the challenging financial climate of recent years. Indeed, the UAE saw its economy grow by 4.3 percent in 2011 due in great part to the prices of oil, although certainly helped along by non-oil sectors such as the tourism industry.

However, as many developing and developed countries alike have come to realize, increasing access to modern technology, food and conveniences often brings with it increases in certain diseases and healthcare expenditure in tow. Preventable diseases such as type-II diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer that are often referred to as lifestyle diseases often play a large part in rapidly growing the amount spent on healthcare both by governments and individual citizens seeking care.

The UAE has felt such a pinch quite acutely in recent years, with their expenditures on healthcare rising to approximately US$1,200 per person per year, bringing them into the top 20 countries in the world for money spent on healthcare per capita. While this may be seen as good news for healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry, the growing costs and the underlying health problems causing the rapid rise in health spending have serious implications both for the quality of life of the citizenry as well as the financial wellbeing of the countries as they try to ensure access to quality services.

Much of the growing healthcare budget is due to the rapid rise in lifestyle diseases in the UAE and the Gulf region in general. Indeed, 19.2 percent of residents in the UAE have diabetes making it the country with the highest prevalence of the disease in the Gulf region. In 2010, providing treatment for diabetes alone cost the UAE US$5.5 billion annually, comprising 14 percent of healthcare spending in the Emirates.

While healthcare expenditures as a per capita amount rising dramatically, it still only comprises approximately 3 percent of the UAE’s GDP. While this is expected to rise to close to 3.5 percent of GDP by 2015, it still does not come close to the United States, which spent enough on healthcare to equate to upwards of 17 percent of their GDP. However, much like the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region, the healthcare system in the UAE is largely subsidized by the government, in fact over 70 percent of healthcare spending in the GCC region comes from public sector funding.

However, with the increasing rapid rise in the cost of providing healthcare to the citizens and residents of the Emirates, there is an increasing push to bring in more private sector participation in funding healthcare. It has led many Emirates in the UAE and also other countries in the GCC to begin to consider enacting compulsory health insurance legislation.

So far, only two Emirates have made concrete steps towards restructuring how healthcare is financed through the implementation of mandatory health insurance; Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Abu Dhabi initially required that employers purchase health insurance for expatriate employees in 2005, although it later introduced laws creating the framework for the state to insure all resident UAE nationals under the thiqa health insurance scheme. Abu Dhabi’s initiatives now cover over 98 percent of the population of the Emirate. Dubai on the other hand, had mooted plans for compulsory health insurance in 2008-9, especially for expatriates, although the plans were put on hold with the global financial crisis.

However, in 2012, a draft law for mandatory health insurance at a federal level was briefly published. For the short time that it was available, the draft law conceived of a federal health insurance authority that would work with local health authorities in each emirate and establish how providers would be accredited and regulated. Although it was not laid clear how this would work in practice or how it would interact with existing health insurance regulations at the emirate level.

A Complete Radical Cure For Haemorrhoids and Other Diseases

A large number of persons are actually ignorant of the fact that finding herbal cures for haemorrhoids, acne, asthma and other ailments is not difficult. There are quite simple techniques nonetheless very effective ones. Studies have been carried out on natural ingredients that can easily care for all of the earlier mentioned complications. Theses researches have been extremely successful because of the contemporary techniques and resource equipments that are currently in use today.

Actually by simply comprehending all of the aspects of the different ailments, measures in acquiring good herbal cures were known. Several elements constitute the issue which hinders sufferers from obtaining the best herbal cures. According to researches and investigations most solutions that happens to be herbal based leave zero harmful traces of unsafe deposit inside human blood stream unlike others means of cures.

Before we can begin to treat an ailment we must know the symptoms. In the case of haemorrhoids the simple signs or symptoms happen to be swollen veins. There are various herbal cures which have already been advertised on the market however, efficiency is certainly our watch word this is why we produce herbal cures that folks continue to come back to for the majority of diseases.

Some of these methods also explain how one can set about to take care of the different types of infections. One major good reason that give rise to diseases such as haemorrhoids development is because of constipation. Digestive tract movement demands prolonged strain and stress around the rectal blood vessels which usually result in physical weakness of veins. For people who drive long distances or sit in one place for a very long time this is common. Now this is one of the main reasons why it is of great importance that herbal cures for haemorrhoids include stool softeners. Mostly the actual elimination associated with bowel irregularity is by root plants such as cayenne and also ginger.

Typically the weakening of veins gives rise to swelling as well as inflammation within the anal region. These are nonetheless taken care of efficiently and effectively through herbal cures that are designed and directed for such purposes. Any time these conditions tend to be quietened it is an indication that haemorrhoids is already been taken care of and will be over in the shortest possible time.

Assessing Life-Style Diseases

With the evolution of industrialization, globalization with economical liberalisation, & technological upgradation, individual`s life-style has been changing. Individuals with particular type of genetic inheritance are predisposed to certain diseases trigerred by life-style existing factors.

Diet, life-style & environment are three important determinants related to cause of diseases. Inadequate intake of nutritional foods, consumption of junk foods & beverages,such as, tea, coffee, alcohol have lessen the strength & stamina needed for defensive mechanism of the body. Environmental pollution is the result of industrialization & deforestation, which have endanger the health of the inhabitants. Individuals are dedicated to long working hours, working in night shifts, & with no physical activity have lead to sedentary life-style. They are engaged with mental tension & anxiety,striving hard to sustain with the economical & social circumstances of the society. They easily adapt to unwanted habits,such as, smoking, alcohol consumption & intake drugs to relieve stress. These all perpetuate & accentuate the process of disease in the individuals, which they become easily susceptible too.

Diet rich in cholesterol & saturated fats raises the plasma cholesterol level, which builds atherosclerosis of the arteries involving high risk to coronary heart disease.other contributing factors involved are, such as, insufficient regular physical activity, competitive stressful life-style with typeA personality behavior, use of contraceptives, cigarette smoking, & diabetes. Texas heart institute estimated coronary heart disease affecting almost 13 millions of Americans with consequences of high mortality rate.

Increase intake of calories in excess of utilization gets stored in the form of unneeded energy in fat cells, which give rise to disease condition called obesity.Obesity involves high risk factors to diseases,such as, type2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, & cancer.

The international diabetes federation estimated number of diabetic patients in India more than doubled from 19 million in 1995 to 40.9 million in 2007. High incidence of diabetes is mainly because of sedentary life-style, that is, lack of physical activity, obesity, stress, & consumption of diets rich in fat, sugar, & calories.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is fourth leading cause of death in the united states causing long-term disability with more than 12 million been diagnosed. Emphysema & chronic bronchitis are caused by heavy cigarette smoking, inhaling substances,such as pollutants-smoke, fumes, & microbilogical infections.

Stoke is a medical emergency, characterized by rapidly developing loss of brain function due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain caused by thrombosis,or haemorrhage in the blood vessels. It is especially seen in individuals with complaints of high blood pressure, high cholesterol count, smoking, diabetes, & increasing age.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is of prime interest,because the reservoir of infection is human. WHO reported 33.4 million people living with HIV / AIDS worldwide in 2008, & only about 4 million HIV positive people having access to antiretroviral therapy.

Chronic renal failure can be detected as an increase in serum creatinine or protein in the urine, especially in those suffering from high blood pressure & diabetes.

Alzheimer`s disease is a slowly progressive disease of the brain,that is characterised by impairment of memory & eventually by disturbance in reasoning, planing, language, & perception. Most patients develop this disease after the age of 70 years, however, 2% – 5% of patients develop in the fourth or fifth decade of life ( 40s / 50s).

Indication of Strictly Female Anatomical Diseases in Astrology

The strictly female anatomical organs include the ovaries, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina, vulva and the breast.

The primary function of http://essaykitchen.com/book-review/ these organs is the reproduction; disorders affecting these organs may often result in infertility and impotency.

Female anatomical disorders are very common; many women will develop the symptoms of one or more of them during their lifetime.

Causes of female disorders: Age, genetic factors, hereditary factors, sexually transmitted diseases, hormone imbalance, infections, malnutrition and obesity.

Early astrological detection is imperative in the success rate of recognizing and treating all female disorders.
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Factors responsible for female disorders

· Ascendant: general vitality

· 6th house: diseases

· Venus /7th house/ sign Libra: indication of uterus and ovaries, inflammation of uterus and ovaries diseases of ovaries, venereal complaints, typhoid, diseases of http://essaybasics.com generative organs, diabetes, hormonal disorder genital troubles, venereal diseases the internal parts of the generative organs, produces complaints caused by excesses sexual pleasures.

· Moon/ 4th house:Moon: Brest, womb, blood, glandular system, tumours, female reproductive organs,diabetes, anaemia, nervous, asthma, menstrual disorder, diseases of uterus, and hormonal problems due to ovary hormones.

· 8th house/ sign Scorpio: death, trouble in womb and ovaries, chronic incurable diseases.

· Jupiter: significator of tumours and a cancer, arterial system

· Saturn: obstruction, acids, chronicity, incurability, glandular diseases, depression, injuries sustain from the fall, different forms of cancers, tumours.

· Mars: bleeding, inflammation in body, haemoglobin, injuries, infection and contagious diseases, haemorrhoids, diseases of uterus, miscarriages and abortions.

· Rahu: contagious diseases, undignostic diseases, intoxication, worries, phobia, psychological disorder

· Ketu: injuries, accidents, fevers, infections, mysterious diseases, surgery.

Different astrological combinations for female disorders

Common female organ disorders:

Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis PMS, menstrual disorders

· Saturn in sign Scorpio, placed in the 8th house will give diseases of reproductive organs throughout life.

· Affliction to Moon and Mars in a female astrology chart create disturbance in menstrual cycles

· Afflicted 8th house/lord and sign Scorpio indicate generative organs problems

· Mars afflicting 7th /8th house and Moon induces endometriosis

· Venus square Mars gives congestion or the surplus blood being stored in the walls of the uterus or endometriosis

· Moon and 8th house/lord afflicted by Mars indicates excess bleeding in menstrual cycle and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

· Malefic aspects on lords of 6th and 8th houses, guarantees the presence of venereal diseases or some other disorders of the genital system

· Mars and Rahu posited in 7th indicates excess bleeding

· Moon and 8th house/lord afflicted by Saturn indicate scanty flow in menstrual cycle with severe pain

· Mars in the 6th house is an indication of acute illness of the genitals (bleeding and inflammation)

· Venus posited in 6th/8th/12th house indicates common female genitals disorders

· Lord of ascendant/6th, conjunct with Mercury and Rahu is the sure indication of female disorders

· 7th house/lord afflicted by Mars stands for inflammation and endometriosis

Ovaries disorders:

Include ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian cancer.

· Afflicted sun/moon in sign Scorpio indicates ovarian disorder

· Venus affliction or Moon Square Mars can bring ovary complaints or trouble

· 7th house/lord aspected afflicted Moon/Venus can give the polycystic ovary syndrome.

· 7th/8th house/lord and Venus afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicates ovary cancer

Uterus disorders:

Include fibroids, uterine polyps, prolapsed uterus and uterine cancer.

· 8th lord /house is malefic in nature/ posited in inimical sign/debilited/ set/ hammed between malefic/ conjunct and aspected by malefic, indicate uterus problems

· Lords of 6th and 8th related to each other indicate uterus disorders

· 8th lord/house and Moon are afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicate uterus cancer

· Lord of 8th placed in 6th/12 house and aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicate uterus cancer

· 6th lord is placed in 8th/12 and aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicate uterus cancer

· Moon /8th house/sign Scorpio afflicted by Ketu indicate uterus fibroids

Blocked fallopian tubes

· Venus/Moon being afflicted by Saturn/Rahu indicates blockage in fallopian tubes.

· 7th/8th house afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicates obstruction in fallopian tubes

Breast disease:

Breast cancer/tumours/lumps

· Moon/sign Cancer being afflicted by Saturn indicate lumps in breast

· Moon/4th house/sign Cancer badly afflicted by Ketu indicate lumps in the breast

· Moon /4th house associating with weak Jupiter indicate the symptoms of non cancerous tumours on the breast.

· 4th house/lord being afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicates cancerous tumour in the breast

· Moon/sign Cancer is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicated breast cancer

· 4th lord posited in 6th/8th/12th house being aspected by Saturn/Rahu indicates breast cancer

· 6th/8th/12th lord placed in 4th and aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicates breast cancer

Vaginal/ bladder / urinary tract infection

Women are more prone to these infections because the female urethra is shorter than the male’s and bacteria/virus/yeast can move up to the bladder/vagina more quickly in women.

· Lords of 4th and 7th posited in 6th/8th /12 house indicates urinary tract infection

· Lords of 4th and 7th are placed in an inimical sign and aspected by malefic indicates urinary tract infection.

· Mars in Libra/7th house may cause inflammation of urinary tract by infection.

· Lord of 6th/7th placed along with lord of 12th and aspected by Saturn indicates venereal infection

· 8th house/lord and Venus afflicted by Rahu indicates venereal infections

· Any affliction to Libra/ 7th house or lord by Saturn gives rise to diseases concerning kidney, bladder and the pelvic region

· Afflicted Venus in Libra may cause suppression of urine and uraemia.

· Moon, Venus and lord of ascendant combine with the Sun and Rahu; the native may suffer from syphilis

· Malefic aspects of Saturn, on Scorpio /8th house, are a predisposition for a bladder stone

· Sun in 6th being aspected by Saturn indicates loss of vitality due to excess sex


Although not a disease restricted to females, osteoporosis seems to prey most often women over the age of 60.Osteoporosis is caused by low amounts of phosphate and calcium in bones, causing them to be porous, brittle and more apt to break.

· Afflicted Saturn /sign Capricorn indicates osteoporosis

· Afflicted Sun/sign Leo or Jupiter / sign Sagittarius indicate low bone density

· Sun posited in 6th/8th/12th house, debilited, conjoined or aspected by malefic planets, gives bone weakness.